Uniquely curated luxury vintage items, sourced-out from around the world that caters to the modern man and woman who honours the past.



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Vintage Moments


Great service, great attitude and great vintage items. Definitely a hidden gem in Dubai.

Patrick Moritz

Best place in the UAE for vintage eyewear and men's accessories 👌👌

Asif Somji

One of the coolest places to get your vintage eyewear and accessories in UAE and they ship worldwide! The sourcing is amazing! Every piece is so unique 😍.

Shreya Attavar

I saw your page on insta and  it's so (impossible) to find any real, cool products in Dubai that remind me of home. You're the most original shop in DXB that i've seen.


This is for those who wear suits and wants to match it up with a classic style look yet with a modern style.

Roshin Rahman

Top I am so happy to have found them.. they have unique pieces and good selection. definitely, I will stop by to buy some other nice sunglasses. So if you like to be unique, go and visit the shop in Gate Avenue

Amal Amalina

 "Limited Edition - Blonde Tortoise"

The best!

Loved the entire experience from shopping online to the customer service and the actual product ♥️

Alamirareem Alhashmi

First of all I am a big sunglasses collector! I love them therefore I am very particular when it comes to my sunglasses, It’s pretty hard for me to find sunglasses that fit my face without making me look like I’m part of the 3 blind mice, but The Gentlemans community were perfect! It’s great quality and high standards glasses are my far the best in the market. The case is super sturdy and superb quality as well. It comes with a cloth to clean the lens. A lot of more expensive brands have flimsy cases. Besides that, amazing glasses

Mahmoud Attar

I have purchased a pair of sunglasses to my bf a month ago, it was his favorite he showed it to me in their Instagram account, so I contacted the store in DIFC to gift it to him on his birthday, I mentioned to them that I want it as a surprise but he was in my house and the store manager and I had to actually plan the delivery, it was hilarious 😂, anyhow, the delivery man arrived and packaged it well so even when I pick it up my bf wouldn’t know what is this, he called me when he arrived and waited outside the building so I come down and hide the gift well (never seen such collaboration in my life) I went down picked it up and hide it well till his birthday. I can’t stress how smooth the communication was and how easy, they delivered it to me free of delivery charge, yet when he tried the sunglasses on they didn’t really suit his face, so he wanted to exchange them but he had an operation and had to stay in for sometime, the team was extra kind and made him an exception and still exchanged it to him. (Even tho he passed the deadline to exchange) They have niche brands so it could be a little bit expensive since it’s great quality, so they made me a payment plan. One thing I want to give 100/10 not just 10/10 is the communication. They are well trained, down to earth and actually helpful, I just want to thank you for the great experience I had with you and wanted to take the time and put my review online. In addition to this great service, the quality of the sunglasses is marvelous, my bf already has about 6 pairs of their sunglasses and since he got them he never looked anywhere else for sunglasses.

Heba Hnitish

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