The Story

Growing up with a second-generation bespoke tailor as my father, I always had an eye for style. That and my experience working in London, Singapore and all my travels is what amalgamates my style sense. I am inspired by history, architecture and culture.

It started with a Facebook page where I shared fashion trends and sartorial inspiration for men. This soon became a passion when I realized the huge gap in the market for the same. Gentleman’s Community began with vintage cufflinks, lapel pins, timepieces and lots of vintage eyewear of unusual shapes and designs. Some of my favorites are superiority crafted military watches from the 40s. I’m a collector of vintage ties from brands like Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and the likes. I source them mainly from the U.S. and Europe from my personal travels. My idea is to provide the modern gent with jewels from the past.

I plan on keeping this authentic and sourcing every item myself. What you see today might not be available a week from now, they are all unique pieces and that’s what makes them timeless.